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Privates not on parade- and whatabout hot Ahmadi?

July 15, 2009

Rain , snow and freezing fog in Kuwait?

No that’s just wishful thinking on our part……………oh for a drop of water in this inferno. My very nostrils feel on fire and I have had to put vaseline up my nose to stop it burning…….what on earth did they do before AC?

Well this morning’s Arab Times tells us the’ Ahmadi police recently raided two apartments and arrested 41 Asian women who had reportedly advertised in their mother tongue inviting men for what they called ‘temporary marriage’, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said the advertisements placed on apartment walls said the marriage pleasure cost KD 3 for one hour. All those arrested have been referred to the concerned authorities…..’all heating up even more down KOC way then……

Several Kuwaiti cadets have contracted swine flu in the UK- let’s hope they don’t intend to return to Kuwait to visit mama and baba…..or have they just manufactured a cough and the sniffles to miss parade?


July 14, 2009

Someone just called my husband and said there will be a tsunami over Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc on 22nd July.

Hope not. But if so, remember you read it here first.

Weather in Kuwait right now

July 11, 2009


Right now the time in Kuwait is 11 22 am on the 11th July 2009.

There is a litle dust and the sky is trying to be blue but not quite getting there.

The temperature is not disappointing us this morning at a not very cool 45 degrees centigrade and rising.

Get on your dancing shoes and boogie on down to the beach….. but don’t forget your factor 543 .

It’s a hot one.

Is it worth doing your hair when it’s like that outside?

July 10, 2009

For those among you who are uninitiated in the Kuwaiti summer…….we are drifting into the range of 48 degrees this week ( that’s 48 degrees centigrade……). Then at odd times through the day some unexpected humidity pops up. So what with the humidity and the sweat caused by the 48 degree heat….is it really worth having your hair blow dried straight?

I think not. I for one shall not be visiting the salon any time soon- except for a swift pedicure and an eye brow threading…………….