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The lies some employers tell

July 14, 2009

Some employers in Kuwait seem to take great pleasure in lying to their employees and creating some kind of fear in their hearts. My ex employer (thank God ) told a young South African teacher last year that she would have to pay them 6000KD if she decided to back out of the contract she had signed for the next year. She told them in June and the new contract wasn’t valid until september 1st. So terrified was she, that she ‘did a runner’ mid June and lost her summer salary and indemnity. I know another employee in a similar position, who , ok did give a bit more notice……but she was let off the 6000KD penalty speech because, she says, she has Kuwaiti nationality.

I just read this on the Arab Times website and felt so sorry for the poor sod. He had moved himself up a notch, got a new job in Australia and then his employer dropped the bombshell on him:

”I am an Indian currently working with a company for the last 16 years. I would like to leave my job, cancel my residence and go to Australia, directly from Kuwait as I have got my immigration visa. My company has informed me that since I am cancelling my residence I will have to go back to my home country only and cannot go to Australia from Kuwait. I am confused and in deep trouble as I have already booked my ticket to Australia which is not refundable and plus I have to take my personal belongings which are here in Kuwait. Please advise.”

Of course this is complete crap and the guy can fly out of Kuwait to wherever he chooses……..but some nasty piece of work at his place of work was obviously jealous of his new move and gave him the completely wrong info.

The Arab Times legal clinic replied :

”Your company is wrong and is probably ignorant of Kuwaiti laws. Kuwait authorities don’t ask where you go once you cancel your residence as long as you have a visa for that country. So just go ahead as planned and take the flight to Australia. You should have no problems.”


NHS gone absolutely mad

July 12, 2009

Just read this in the Telegraph. Can’t believe my eyes. Just can’t. Is it any wonder kids are being abused and patients are dying when the NHS comes out with this crap?

”NHS tells school children of their “right” to “an orgasm a day”

NHS guidance is advising school pupils that they have a “right” to an enjoyable sex life and that regular sex can be good for their cardiovascular health.”

The article goes on, ”

The advice appears in leaflets circulated to parents, teachers and youth workers and is meant to update sex education by telling students about the benefits of enjoyable sex.

The authors of the guidance say that for too long, experts have concentrated on the need for “safe sex” and committed relationships while ignoring the principle reason that many people have sex.”

Oh for God’s sake. SHUT UP.What’s next? Encouraging kids to pop off to Amsterdam for the weekend for a ‘Health and Fitness Break”?  Weed and hooker included, under the banner ”It’s good for you!”

Is Jack waterhouse the tip of the iceberg?

July 12, 2009

On reading the comments posted here over the past couple of days, you can see that there is an immense amount of sympathy for the teacher involved in the Jack Waterhouse assault case. Ex teachers have indicated how they wouldn’t teach for love or money now, some demand that the charge be reduced to aggravated assault as in no way did Peter Harvey intend to murder Jack Waterhouse when he lifted the weight that morning. The charge of attempted murder has probably came  from some gung ho police officer with a scant knowledge of the law……there has been, of course, sympathy expressed for the boy and hopes for a speedy recovery but questions as to why he would have teased an ill teacher in such a way.

People have also criticised school authorities for letting a teacher who had been ill through stress back in the classroom without supervision…….

Whatever the outcome, this is a bizarre and tragic case of a good man gone bad. How many other teachers will we see go the same way before they are given support?

Textbook homicide

July 10, 2009

We usually hear about violent attacks on teachers from unruly and unstable students. We rarely here of this phenomenon in reverse.

However, today we did. A teacher in a secondary school in Mansfield , UK has been charged with attempted murder of a student. When does illegal corporal punishment become attempted murder? When the victim ends up in a pool of blood at the science classroom door.

Sky reports : 

Peter Harvey, 49, is accused of attacking Jack Waterhouse, 14, at All Saints’ Roman Catholic School in Mansfield on Wednesday morning.

Harvey will appear before the town’s magistrates tomorrow morning, Nottinghamshire Police said.

Jack was found by paramedics unconscious in a pool of blood at the entrance to a classroom in the school’s science block at 11am on Wednesday.

He is currently in a stable condition at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, where he is being treated for serious head injuries.

A police spokesman said: “A man has been charged with the attempted murder of a pupil at a Mansfield school.

“Peter Harvey, aged 49, of Rannoch Drive, Mansfield, is accused of the attempted murder of Jack Waterhouse, aged 14, at All Saints’ Roman Catholic School on Wednesday, July 8, 2009.

He will appear at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court tomorrow morning.”

Point of interest,

In April 2009 , the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, released details of a survey of over 1,000 of its members which found that nearly one quarter of them had been on the receiving end of physical violence by a student.

In Wales, a 2009 survey found that two-fifths of teachers reported having been assaulted in the classroom. 49% had been threatened with assault.