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Why we hate the French

August 12, 2009

They bottle bath-water and call it Perrier
They eat poor froggie’s legs then throw the rest away
They eat raw garlic and invented croquet

That’s why I hate the French,
That’s why I hate the French

They all wear berets and they’re all called Jacques,
They even steal from us the words they lack
Le weekend, Le Camping and cul de sac
That’s why I hate the French,

That’s why I hate the French.


And All their songs sound more or less the same
La la la la la la la la………je t’aime

France’s existence is such a shame
That’s why I hate the French,
That’s why I hate the French.

They bake their bread in such a naughty shape
They brag about their wine and worship the grape
They criticise our food but then they eat loads of crepe
That’s why I hate the French,

 That’s why I hate the French.

And now they started coming here in their droves
French cigarettes, French letters and French clothes

That prick Van Gough cut off his own earlobes


That’s why I hate the French,
That’s why I hate the French.

For breakfast they have croissant or French toast
And there’s always some French letters in the post

But it’s their accent that I hate the most

That’s why I hate the French,
That’s why I hate the French.

They’re pretty cocky ’bout their games in the dark’
They think with girls they light a special spark
Look what the bastards did to Joan of Arc
That’s why I hate the French,
That’s why I hate the French,
That’s why I hate the

I useta love her

August 6, 2009

God I remember dancing to this at Christmas in the 80sor 90s in a rugby club somewhere in Ireland!

Do you remember it?

Tito Jackson,”The Doc killed Michael.”

July 20, 2009

Michael Jackson’s brother Tito is accusing Doctor Conrad Murray of murder.

”Grieving Tito Jackson claimed Dr Conrad Murrays dithering as he tried to resuscitate his stricken brother wasted vital minutes that might have cost him his life. He accused the physician of not acting quickly enough to get help and said his methods of revival were far from the standards expected of a qualified doctor.Tito claimed Dr Murray began flapping when Jacko collapsed at his Los Angeles home. The 55-year-old said: My opinion is that he panicked when my brother didnt wake up.I think the doctor probably figured he was in trouble and he tried to revive Michael.”

Ya figure?

Who is Conrad Murray

July 15, 2009

Is he even a doctor at all? I mean could I call myself a doctor tomorrow if I felt like it? I have been working with someone this past year who claims he has five degrees and almost a PhD and I don’t believe a word of it, so I suppose anything is possible…..a doctor of shiteology perhaps…….

Murray’s licensed position remains unclear. He is not board-certified, graduated from  the Meharry Medical College, Tennesee in 1989.   His clinic was closed down in 2002 and his partner had his medical license revoked.  In 1993 he had been declared bankrupt.

Not really the CV of a man you might want to be administering powerful anaesthesia to a billionaire with an insurance policy……or maybe……

....and why is this the only damned photo of him?

....and why is this the only damned photo of him?

Jackson death is homicide

July 15, 2009

Breaking news is that LA police will be treating Michael Jackson’s death as homicide.

OK- the butcher? the baker? the candlestick maker? the dermatologist ?

No I’d say the happy handed cardiac ” specialist” who gave CPR on the bed……..Doc Conrad Murray. said “the evidence points to the anaesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of Jackson’s death”.

Law enforcement sources told the entertainment website there was already “plenty of powerful evidence” pointing to Dr Murray.

La Toya knows who murdered Michael

July 12, 2009

newsNews of the World claims la Toya Jackson says she ‘knows who murdered’ her brother Michael……maybe they tapped her phone to find out? Michael Jackson was effectively “murdered” for his money in a conspiracy by shadowy hangers-on, his sister La Toya has said. Describing him as the lonliest man in the world, L aToya says that when a man is worth over a billion dollars, people will do anything to get his cash…… people will do anything for just a few dollars these days, can’t imagine what the prospect of a billion might do to even the most respected professional……

Who I am…..

July 11, 2009