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Ramadan Kareem

August 21, 2009

Mubarak allaicum al shahar.

Girl of Riyadh given political asylum in UK

July 20, 2009

I am reading Girls of Riyadh at the moment and so this story in the Independent about a Saudi princess who has been given political asylum in the UK.

” A Saudi Arabian princess who had an illegitimate child with a British man has secretly been granted asylum in this country after she claimed she would face the death penalty if she were forced to return home. The young woman, who has been granted anonymity by the courts, won her claim for refugee status after telling a judge that her adulterous affair made her liable to death by stoning.  ……… The woman, who comes from a very wealthy Saudi family, says she met her English boyfriend – who is not a Muslim – during a visit to London. They struck up a relationship

She became pregnant the following year and worried that her elderly husband – a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia – had become suspicious of her behaviour, she persuaded him to let her visit the UK again to give birth in secret. She feared for her life if she returned to Saudi Arabia.

She persuaded the court that if she returned to the Gulf state she and her child would be subject to capital punishment under Sharia law – specifically flogging and stoning to death. She was also worried about the possibility of an honour killing. Since she fled Saudi Arabia, her family and her husband’s family have broken off contact with her.”

This will not make the headlines……………wonder why?

Indian State Demands Virgins………..

July 15, 2009

Naughty girls don’t get the state’s blessing in India these days as the state sponsored wedding officials are demanding virginity tests ( now sorry , but let’s not even go in to how ridiculous that is in this day and age of bicycles and tampax….) and pregnancy tests.

A row has broken out in the central state of Madhya Pradesh after some 151 girls were ordered to take the tests. The results showed 15 girls were pregnant. These brides were then excluded from a mass ceremony in Shahdol. Well, better than 151 pregnant…..

Kudos to Chief  Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan  for his attempt at a sound bite the UK Labour would be proud of, as he said they had not carried out “virginity tests” but the girls had simply undergone “procedural medical examinations”. Mmm, yes, open wide, but not too wide.

Just a thought, but were 151 virginity (or STD tests) carried out on the grooms?

A rose in the blue

July 15, 2009

Richard Cass buried a red rose in the Blue mountaiuns, a rose for his son, the son he believed he would never see again. 12 days ago Jamie Neale went for a walk that turned into a walkabout. Missing for akmost 2 weeks in the harsh Australian wilderness, rescuers and family had almost given up.

The 19-year-old had last been seen leaving a youth hostel in Katoomba, New South Wales, early on Friday July 3 to go for a trek in the rugged region.

When he failed to return, a search operation was launched – a check of his room revealed he had left his passport and mobile phone behind. Not a good idea when you are trekking off into the wild. In a dramatic development, the teenager was finally located by other hikers in the Blue Mountains, who alerted police.

Without food, Jamie survived on seeds, grass and a kind of lettuce and slept under a log during his ordeal.

What is HP6 ?

July 15, 2009

I found this topic on my twitter this morning……………..what is it? Is it a new strain of flu? Bovine virus? A new flavour of ketchup?

I flummoxed- did I spell that right?

The lies some employers tell

July 14, 2009

Some employers in Kuwait seem to take great pleasure in lying to their employees and creating some kind of fear in their hearts. My ex employer (thank God ) told a young South African teacher last year that she would have to pay them 6000KD if she decided to back out of the contract she had signed for the next year. She told them in June and the new contract wasn’t valid until september 1st. So terrified was she, that she ‘did a runner’ mid June and lost her summer salary and indemnity. I know another employee in a similar position, who , ok did give a bit more notice……but she was let off the 6000KD penalty speech because, she says, she has Kuwaiti nationality.

I just read this on the Arab Times website and felt so sorry for the poor sod. He had moved himself up a notch, got a new job in Australia and then his employer dropped the bombshell on him:

”I am an Indian currently working with a company for the last 16 years. I would like to leave my job, cancel my residence and go to Australia, directly from Kuwait as I have got my immigration visa. My company has informed me that since I am cancelling my residence I will have to go back to my home country only and cannot go to Australia from Kuwait. I am confused and in deep trouble as I have already booked my ticket to Australia which is not refundable and plus I have to take my personal belongings which are here in Kuwait. Please advise.”

Of course this is complete crap and the guy can fly out of Kuwait to wherever he chooses……..but some nasty piece of work at his place of work was obviously jealous of his new move and gave him the completely wrong info.

The Arab Times legal clinic replied :

”Your company is wrong and is probably ignorant of Kuwaiti laws. Kuwait authorities don’t ask where you go once you cancel your residence as long as you have a visa for that country. So just go ahead as planned and take the flight to Australia. You should have no problems.”



July 14, 2009

Someone just called my husband and said there will be a tsunami over Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc on 22nd July.

Hope not. But if so, remember you read it here first.

Is Katie Price a man?

July 12, 2009


How to get a Hawt post on wordpress.

July 12, 2009

I have been asking myself that same question for quite some time now.

Is it the avatar?  – no because someone this morning didn’t have one.

Is it the title? Do you need a number in it? A question? A symbol? -no

One particular blogger is a regular Hawt post ( he of the meteorological updates and moustache)- so is it a moustache that gets it? Or is he actually Mr WordPress?

Is it that we ( merely featured pos holders) blog about past news but the Hawt poster blogs new info, as yet unseen on the net? Maybe.

OK- so here is something new,in this age of anti skin cancer sunbathing self tan remedies……. red henna powder, named ‘dam gazal’ ( deer’s blood) in Arabic mixed with turmeric and a drop of water , rubbed over the skin and left for an hour or so before being washed off gives a glorious golden warm tan….but if you rub it on your nails, it turns purple.

Am I Hawt now?? Aha…maybe you aren’t allowed to use coloured fonts……..aha, no I’ve missed again.

The Power Breakfast 2

July 11, 2009
The good old Ulster Fry- countries were built on this solid foundation, and a mug of sweet tea.

The good old Ulster Fry- countries were built on this solid foundation, and a mug of sweet tea.