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Call 911? But where are we Michael?

July 12, 2009

Prize winning Doofus of the Week has to be the infamous Bill Cosby lookalike, Dr CONrad  Murray, who ( after possibly administering illegal anaesthesia to MJ) couldn’t call 911 for up to 30 minutes, because he ”didn’t know the address”…..

No, sorry, I don’t buy that. He is a doofus, yes, but not for (not) not remembering the address, but for using such a lame excuse to try and cover up the fact that he was probably running round the house like a blue arsed fly trying to get rid of any evidence.

Please Mr/Dr CONrad – time to fess up.


How to get a Hawt post on wordpress.

July 12, 2009

I have been asking myself that same question for quite some time now.

Is it the avatar?  – no because someone this morning didn’t have one.

Is it the title? Do you need a number in it? A question? A symbol? -no

One particular blogger is a regular Hawt post ( he of the meteorological updates and moustache)- so is it a moustache that gets it? Or is he actually Mr WordPress?

Is it that we ( merely featured pos holders) blog about past news but the Hawt poster blogs new info, as yet unseen on the net? Maybe.

OK- so here is something new,in this age of anti skin cancer sunbathing self tan remedies……. red henna powder, named ‘dam gazal’ ( deer’s blood) in Arabic mixed with turmeric and a drop of water , rubbed over the skin and left for an hour or so before being washed off gives a glorious golden warm tan….but if you rub it on your nails, it turns purple.

Am I Hawt now?? Aha…maybe you aren’t allowed to use coloured fonts……..aha, no I’ve missed again.

3 minutes on phone and Pizza Hut still asking for tel number…..

July 11, 2009

Just wasted 3 minutes on the 1815050 Kuwait Pizza Hut tel line…….

……”yes that’s my number”

…..” no add another 9 infront…”

…….”ok try this number……”

……” ah you don’t have a record of that number either… well does it really matter? We’re wasting time here…..”

…” … address? Oh ok……no that’s a villa…….I have absolutely no idea why my house number has a / in it, no……”

…..” another telephone number? No I don’t…..”

Three minutes later he still hadn’t even asked what we wanted, and I’d forgotten anyway, so I cut my losses and hung up.

We called Papa John’s and it took 15 minutes from call in to delivery………………:)

Weather in Kuwait right now

July 11, 2009


Right now the time in Kuwait is 11 22 am on the 11th July 2009.

There is a litle dust and the sky is trying to be blue but not quite getting there.

The temperature is not disappointing us this morning at a not very cool 45 degrees centigrade and rising.

Get on your dancing shoes and boogie on down to the beach….. but don’t forget your factor 543 .

It’s a hot one.

BA flight goes up in smoke

July 11, 2009


It seems it isn’t only the Air France jets we have to worry about these days……maybe BA should be offering danger money for flying with them instead of demanding staff take pay cuts? Or was it just that the captain fancied a sly fag before take off? Hundreds of people aboard the British Airways jet were evacuated just before take-off after reports of smoke in the cabin. We reported smoke on an Al Jazeera flight last week and the air steward just winked……..

The Heathrow-bound Boeing 747 had pushed back from the departure gate at Phoenix Airport , US, when the fumes were seen.The pilot promptly decided to evacuate all 298 passengers on board using the emergency slides.

Wheeheee! What a rush- getting to use the emergency slides when there isn’t really an emergency!! Come on now, hands up who really wants to try that? The brother in law of a friend of mine was training to be a Kuwait Airways steward some years ago….tempted beyond description, young A**** couldn’t resist pushing some button to let the slides go when the plane was on the ground and they were practising ( so the story goes). He got into big trouble…and is, by the way, no longer working for Kuwait Airways ……. 

World’s Most Expensive City to live in is………

July 10, 2009

According to Yahoo, if you think your morning commute is expensive you should think again. The ride on a bus or subway in Tokyo costs $3.25, a newspaper and a cup of coffee on the way and the total comes to $11.70. That’s more than anywhere else in the world–24% more .

Not going there for my summer vacation anyway……… newspaper and a cup of coffee here I can get for about $3.00  I think…….and we don’t take taxis or buses do we….lol.

Is it worth doing your hair when it’s like that outside?

July 10, 2009

For those among you who are uninitiated in the Kuwaiti summer…….we are drifting into the range of 48 degrees this week ( that’s 48 degrees centigrade……). Then at odd times through the day some unexpected humidity pops up. So what with the humidity and the sweat caused by the 48 degree heat….is it really worth having your hair blow dried straight?

I think not. I for one shall not be visiting the salon any time soon- except for a swift pedicure and an eye brow threading…………….