Would you like some BS with that pizza Private?

Some ridiculous story is making the news today, via The Telegraph, of a British soldier, down from Iraq for some R&R in Kuwait ( that’s an oxymoron in itself) who claims he was kidnapped by ‘Islamic fanatics’ when he nipped out for a pizza in the middle of Ramadan’……LOL.

Now I think it could have been one of several things – he’s suffering from PSD (Pre Pizza Stress Disorder) , he’s been ‘boynapped’ by a few sex crazed Saidies or some Bengalis felt there was a penny or two to be made from this bloke if they could only get into his pants…..or….he woke up after having consumed copious amounts of distilled Eth and hadn’t a clue where he was…..and thought he could fly …. off the balcony.

Nice try Private, but here in Ramadan nobody has the strength to carry out a kidnapping, never mind contemplate one.

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2 Responses to “Would you like some BS with that pizza Private?”

  1. kyx Says:

    Why do you want to generalise that it could be a saidi or a bengali? Why not a member of the so called “Peninsula Lions” who were recently released from jail or they were part of the 6 member Al Qaida team who were arrested a few weeks ago, or could be one of the locals who will leave no stone unturned to bring shame to Kuwait? Dont generalise.

  2. CurlySue Says:

    Because kyx, there are few Kuwaitis who hang around Kuwait city, mostly expats from sub continent. Also and locals would probably have been sleeping as it was Ramadan and the temperature here during the day gets to 50 degrees C +.
    As I live here, I’ll generalise if I please. The so called Peninsula lions will be off planning a more thorough attack, not a kidnapping of some random pizza hunting private.

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