Girls of Riyadh


I’m a bit of a late developper. I’ll probably watch Harry Potter 6 in 2012 and i still haven’t watched any Sex in the City or Grey’s Anatomy. I had heard of this book ‘Girls of Riyadh’ a while back, but, strangely enough ( not ) didn’t really see it bursting off the bookshelves here. We went to Al Jarir Bookshop last week and there it was, in all it’s lipstick rouge red glory, one last copy flying off the shelf at me.

I am quite enjoying it so far, and am shocked to the core at Waleed’s total trashing of Sadeem, never mind Gamrah’s terrible experience with the ‘fiilipina tramp’ Kari her new husband has been seeing for seven years. True, as someone says, the novel is ‘no literary genius’ but it is interesting ,by reading it, to confirm that what goes on in Saudi is the same as Kuwait……

Rajaa Alsanea- the author

Rajaa Alsanea- the author


Such was the success of Girls of Riyadh, that it is now being made into a film, and the author nominated for the 2009 Dublin Literary Award.

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3 Responses to “Girls of Riyadh”

  1. 7amanito Says:

    well, it’s not exactly the same (this comes from a Kuwaiti who has Saudi roots).
    but i think that this book is over-hyped.. i mean it just caught the attention because no one wrote about the girls in Saudia, such a conservative country and all. and it was written in somehow of a bad image of the community.

    but what do i know? i didn’t read it! and not gonna do :p

    • CurlySue Says:

      Yes it isn’t very well written but it is quite interesting and I don’t think refelects badly, simply reflects. I am a female, in Kuwait, and so I know where these girls are coming from…………….:) You should read it tho, just to confirm what asses some men can be- and that’s universal by the way, no matter what country or religion.

  2. 7amanito Says:

    i don’t think i’m gonna do! 😀
    i hate this kind of books.. let me finish my mega-novel now and we’ll talk later!
    i’m reading “Shantaram” and YOU SHOULD READ IT! everyone who loves novels, should read this big novel.

    fantastic! i think it competes with the amazingness of Paulo Coelho, not in terms of inspiration, but in terms of the beauty of writing.

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