Jack Waterhouse Update

Haven’t heard much on this case over the past few days. Think the BBC are reporting that he is out of hospital, so the injury can’t have been life threatening.


Has the charge of attempted murder been reduced to aggravated assault?

How do the police actually define what is attempted murder? Is it intent? Result? Method? Day of the week?

I’d like to know. And for some reason the teacher concerned, Peter Harvey is going to appear in court via video link…………..why?

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2 Responses to “Jack Waterhouse Update”

  1. Jacob Says:

    If a person states that “someone is going to die” then attacks a person, who is in their care, with a heavy weapon, repeatedly around the head…….. and then the person survives……… can this be anything other than attempted murder.

    If a person is unconcious for 36 hours with a fractured skull and a bleed to the brain, and his family are told to “prepare for the worse”….. seems to me to be very life threatening.

    I dont think that the punishment should be any less, because by the grace of god, the lad survived.

  2. Ian Says:

    Attempted murder carried the same penalty as actual murder.

    The legal definition of attempt is “an act more than merely preparatory” which this clearly is.

    I feel sorry for the teacher.

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