Is Jack waterhouse the tip of the iceberg?

On reading the comments posted here over the past couple of days, you can see that there is an immense amount of sympathy for the teacher involved in the Jack Waterhouse assault case. Ex teachers have indicated how they wouldn’t teach for love or money now, some demand that the charge be reduced to aggravated assault as in no way did Peter Harvey intend to murder Jack Waterhouse when he lifted the weight that morning. The charge of attempted murder has probably came  from some gung ho police officer with a scant knowledge of the law……there has been, of course, sympathy expressed for the boy and hopes for a speedy recovery but questions as to why he would have teased an ill teacher in such a way.

People have also criticised school authorities for letting a teacher who had been ill through stress back in the classroom without supervision…….

Whatever the outcome, this is a bizarre and tragic case of a good man gone bad. How many other teachers will we see go the same way before they are given support?

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