The ”lovely lad” and the murderous teacher…..

Now that teacher Peter Harvey has been charged with attempted murder, local residents are coming out of the woodwork to comment on the parties involved……we should take all comments with a pinch of salt. Perhaps more of a good point of reference would be the boy’s school reports?

Neighbours commented to ( that oracle of truth and moral integrity, The Daily Mirror) on Jack Waterhouse, rumoured to have sworn at Harvey and wound him up : 

  • Jack was “a lovely lad who wouldn’t hurt a fly”. ‘
  • ‘He’s a good quiet lad and I’m surprised he’s mixed up in this sort of thing.” 
  • We’ve never had trouble from him in the seven years we’ve lived here.
  • “Jack’s not like a typical 14-year-old, he’s a lot quieter. He’s also very small for his age.”

My son is an angel in the classroom and as soon as he sets foot in my car, is a devil………

I have seen children elective mutes throughout their school careers, who sing and dance and recite poetry at home.

Children who behave perfectly at home with their parents can be uncontrollable with an audience in school.

Let’s wait and see. As I said, if I was little Jack’s parents, and wanted to show what a shining example of a good student he was, I’d publish his school reports- asap.


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8 Responses to “The ”lovely lad” and the murderous teacher…..”

  1. cath Says:


    • CurlySue Says:

      Cath I was just pointing out that if the boy in question was so well behaved with a previosly untarnished record, as neighbours seem to be claiming, then the school reports would probably pay witness to that. Yes the teacher lost control- we all accept that. But was it attempted murder? I doubt it. It was aggravated assault. I also, for one, hope the entire class will be reprimanded for their behaviour which led to the incident. The child who started the taunting is as guilty as the teacher who smashed the weight on the boy’s head.

  2. flora Says:

    Who on earth would want to teach these days? After over 30 years in the profession I am pleased to be out of it.
    The boy should not have been hurt but there is a limit to the aggravation any person can take. I also hope that the other pupils who instigated this event by their allegedly unruly behaviour are searching their consciences. I wish the boy a speedy and full recovery but my heart goes out to the teacher and his family who are all suffering the consequences of his action as I write. Attempted murder? I think not. I do not for one moment believe that the teacher went to school on that morning planning to murder Jack Waterhouse.

  3. flora Says:

    The whole situation is representative of the society in which we have to live these days. The is a vast section of the population who have no respect for any type of authority, police, teachers, doctors, nurses, ambulane crews, firemen (I know that they are not all male these days), housing officials and so on. Had this class of pupils had repect for their teacher and their school none of this would have happened. It is a direct consequence of their attitude.
    Heaven forbid that kids like this are incarcerated in schools till they are 18, who will want to teach them?!

    • CurlySue Says:

      And Flora, the shocking thing is that a few of those very kids will grow up to be teachers themselves ( probably illiterate ones……I’ve seen a lot of that recently…..)

  4. flora Says:

    I know whatyou mean!!! I have seen it too. The school bursar sent a note to a high flying young teacher enquiring about a pupil and the written reply was, “His away”.

    These youngsters are supposedly far better qualified than me, nobody in my time at school sat 12 O Levels, 8 was the norm and I don’t know any of my friends, professors included, who have more than 3 A levels. What I do know is that I received a better all round education. Yet 50% of our youngsters are allegedly of unversity calibre according to the government. The mind boggles.

    • CurlySue Says:

      I feel like banging my head off the wall when it comes to report writing time and I hear teachers arguing over practiSe and practiCe……..PLEASE!!!!!!

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