Peter Harvey- what are other teachers saying?

Checking on the TES website this is the chatter about the Peter Harvey/ Jack Waterhouse attempted murder case.

It seems the teacher had just returned from sick leave having suffered a stress related stroke. The science class he was teaching were taunting him with ”Man in the Mirror” by Michael jackson, but had changed the lyrics to “Psycho”…..

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Arrested on suspicion of attempted murder is rather different from being charged with attempted murder.However, since it is (I would imagine) highly unlikely that the teacher in question had the chil’d death in mind when he caused the boy’s injuries, I suspect (and hope) that the charge, if any, would be reduced to that of aggravated assault.

Quite right. I mean surely the teacher did not lift the weapon in order to kill the child? unless someone heard him say ”I’m going to kill you”, then it should be aggravated assault.


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 Whatever happened his career is over, presumably after a couple of decades.There’s no point in prejudging,  nor should we, but I’m sure we all have scenarios in our minds which can allow us to have enormous sympathy for the (assumed) poor man.

Totally agree. While I have no sympathy for the action , I can relate to being in that situation with students who you just want to make shut up…..


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6 Responses to “Peter Harvey- what are other teachers saying?”

  1. Pat Hart Says:

    I have great sympathy for the teacher charged with the attempted murder of Jack Waterhouse. I have little sympathy for the boy who was, I suspect, seriously misbehaving. Young people should consider the consequences of their actions & accept that if they taunt & misbehave someone one day will snap as a result of their behaviour. The teacher had just returned from sick leave, I’m sure the pupils must have been aware of this, but did not consider their teacher’s health or well-being when they swore at him & taunted him. Sometimes we have to accept the consequences of our bad behaviour, even if in this case it triggered an over-reaction. Young people are too cossetted, they should be taught that irresponsible behaviour sometimes result in unfortunate consequences. Young people who drive badly, crash their cars. The responsibility rests with them. I’m sorry, but the boy’s bad behaviour triggered this.

  2. rick porter Says:

    Being a teacher myself, I have a complete understanding in seeing this teacher react the way he did. The level of verbal abuse, physical threats and other things we have to put up with from students is not fair. Being slowly worn down over time by these very nasty kids will cause others to resort to this sort of thing eventually. There is no protection for these teachers and no threat to the students that they care about in getting them to show respect. Having taught ten years in America, I was very shocked to see what students here get away with. Problem kids constantly recycled through the same classes with no real consequences. The stress teachers have to deal with on a daily basis from kids who will do and say anything to get to a teacher is very disheartening. So many good students as well but plenty of bad ones to consider it a VERY big problem.

    • CurlySue Says:

      Totally agree rick. last term I had occasion to cover a class of fifth graders here in Kuwait. They were, as usual, abominable ( having lost their teacher at Xmas-runner- and had an in/out primary head for 5 months). I never have a problem with discipline, but they wouldn’t sit down or shut up. I calmly told them that I was going to leave unless they behaved. They didn’t. I left. However, when I went to seek support from the deputy principal ( he who had been reprimanded by the GTC in the UK…..) he replied, ”Failure to cover is unacceptable.” I replied, ”Oh whatever” and went back. They were shocked that I’d left and sat down…………..great support network-not.

  3. H. Henrich Says:

    I am truly shocked, after hearing about Peter Harvey from All Saints R.C. I attented All Saints in the 80’s and remember a very strict and fair school. I remember taking home a letter from the form teacher for wearing the wrong socks!
    The teachers were very concious of social values and I certainly remember the teachers being very authoritive figures. There was always one or two that didn’t have the weight they needed, but the head of year certainly balanced the scale.

    I no longer live in England and after hearing all about England’s ” modern pupils,” I don’t think I ever will again.

    What is happening to a country I used to adore. The social values have slid to an all time low! What are the parents doing or not doing? Does
    no one care anymore? Mr Harvey was in a highly stressfull situation, where he saw red! Why was he in this situation to start with? After such a traumatic illness, why wasn’t he in rehabilitation? Why did he have to be back so soon? After a stroke, stress levels are no longer the same. You don’t have the patience of a saint anymore, which is what you need nowadays! Poor Mr Harvey!! He should have never been there.

    My heart really goes out to the parents of Jack. I hope he recovers from the ordeal, and perhaps it is an eyeopener to all, that there are some social problems in a not so long ago wonderfull country, called England.

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