Expat Women drinking too much

Just found this on a blog called ‘Expat Women”- confessions. I remember having the same problem a few years back when I lived in a wine swilling country…….my advice, come to Kuwait! Mind you I think there are a few too many ethaholics here too.

”I live in Athens, Greece, and I think I am an alcoholic.  I am spending more and more nights drinking.  I find myself choosing unimportant evening social functions (through my job with the foreign service here) over getting home and spending time with my family.  I will literally spend a few hours on Monday morning planning my evening functions for the week, based primarily on which function will be serving the most alcohol and which function is likely to last the longest.  It has been going on for some time now and because of my position in the community, it was not until I saw your website that I felt comfortable and anonymous enough to ask for help.  This was also fuelled by a huge argument I had with my husband last weekend, which ended in him accusing me of being an alcoholic and threatening to take our three children and move home.   I am beside myself, at a total loss and more shocked at how it has come to this. Before this posting, I had never been a big drinker and in fact I counselled two women in our previous posting who were drinking to cover up a miserable marriage.  How could I be so blind as to not see that this interest in socialising is what is happening to me?  I could really use some advice right now.”


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